BrainBox is a solution for the capture, storage, advanced analysis and monitoring of data from industrial production media.

It helps to make decisions faster and smarter, increasing factory efficiency and productivity.

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Quick, easy and non-invasive implementation

BrainBox is a non-intrusive technology that allows, in an agile way, to obtain information and knowledge in real time for the improvement of the production and the maintenance of your factory.


There is no need to modify the facilities.


No specific programming is required.


It is not necessary to move a technician to the installation.


Easy to install. Plug & Play.


Universal: multi process and multi manufacturer

BrainBox adapts to most production processes and is compatible with any type of machinery or production environment.

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Real-time, user-configurable information in a web environment

Thanks to the Cloud and IoT-based connectivity, BrainBox offers real-time information for agile decision making with real value contribution at the right time and place.


Advanced knowledge management and forecasting

Through advanced analytics and machine learning models, BrainBox is able to learn from every situation and offer intelligent assistance to the production and maintenance of your factory.

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